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Active vs. Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide

Active and Stabilized chlorine dioxide are not the same. The term, "Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide", is misleading. There is little or no chlorine dioxide (ClO2) in the stabilized chlorine dioxide compound. Stabilized chlorine dioxide products are prepared by buffering sodium chlorite with carbonate or phosphate and hydrogen peroxide. This stabilizes the chlorite, not chlorine dioxide. Stabilized chlorite is not the same as chlorine dioxide, and does not have the same oxidizing or antibacterial properties. The oxidizing action of chlorite is much lower, and is far less useful. Another main difference between the two compounds is that chlorine dioxide is a gas, and sodium chlorite is a salt. To make active chlorine dioxide, an acid is mixed with chlorite, which slowly releases the gas. The gas is then captured in a solution or gel. This reaction normally requires high acidity (low pH). The Dioxicare® system, however, has a patented method of speeding the release of chlorine dioxide at mild acidity (closer to neutral pH). The resulting product is then optimized for use on the body.

The manufacturers of stabilized chlorine dioxide appropriated the term "stabilized" to capitalize on the beneficial properties of chlorine dioxide. The misleading stabilized chlorine dioxide phrase has become popular by effective marketing, and many people refer to it without knowing the difference, and research papers incorporate it incorrectly.

DioxiRinse™ Product Information

DioxiRinse™ is a two-part system that creates a blend of several oxidants including ACTIVED chlorine dioxide. This combination deactivates the halitosis causing bacteria and neutralizes the volatile sulfur compounds which are what one smells when someone has a bad breath condition. It also deactivates many viruses and fungi, including yeast. Many products claim to have various forms of chlorine dioxide as their active ingredient but when analyzed these products turn out to either have very small levels of this important ingredient or they don’t really have chlorine dioxide as their active ingredient. We have used many different products over the years for the treatment of halitosis and we are continuously testing new and existing products in our attempt to find the best products available for our patients. The ACTIVE chlorine dioxide in DioxiRinse™ has the highest concentrations of ACTIVE chlorine dioxide of any product and is the most effective product we have tested to date.

When the two-part system is combined, DioxiRinse™ will release ACTIVE chlorine dioxide along with other oxidants and the solution will penetrate and pervade the mouth with an invigorating vigor. When the two components of DioxiRinse™ are combined ACTIVE chlorine dioxide, which is a gas, and other active ingredients will penetrate below the gum line, deep within the taste buds of the tongue, and other hard to get places where the anaerobic bacteria that cause halitosis typically reside. Unlike most products intended for the treatment of halitosis the DioxiRinse™ does not impair the taste in your mouth.

DioxiBrite™ Product Information

Like the DioxiRinse™ medicated oral rinse, the DioxiBrite™ toothpaste is a two-part system that has a dual action purpose. It deactivates the halitosis causing bacteria and neutralizes the volatile sulfur compounds which are what one smells when they smell a bad breath condition. The ACTIVE chlorine dioxide will react with the polysaccharide outer coating that bacteria produce for attaching to the surfaces in the mouth and thus help in preventing the attachment of bacteria to the oral surfaces. Unlike most products intended for the treatment of halitosis the DioxiRinse™ and DioxiBrite™ do not impair the taste in your mouth.

Most toothpastes contact only the surface of the teeth, but DioxiBrite™ is different. The ACTIVE chlorine dioxide gas that is produced permeates the hard to reach areas in the mouth and penetrates the biofilm that deposits after brushing one’s teeth. Biofilm is a matrix that bacteria reside in and it is impervious to most medications, but the ACTIVE chlorine dioxide actually help break up this matrix allowing the ACTIVE chlorine dioxide gas to reach the halitosis causing bacteria to deactivate it.

DioxiBrite™ leaves the teeth clean and smooth, and your breath fresh. It also is helpful for sensitive or inflamed gums.

The Real Facts about Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide

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