Unique Treatment Kit

Convenient and Cost-effective

At the Center For Breath Treatment we get many calls both nationally and internationally inquiring about our services. Many people make the trip to San Francisco and complete our full treatment program. There are many however, that either find the cost of travel, lodging, and the treatment ($570.00) too expensive, or they can't get the time to see us. These same people have expressed to us their frustration at not being able to treat their problem while knowing that there is a treatment readily available at our Center in San Francisco.

At the urging of many callers, Dr. Dailley developed a unique easy-to-use and cost-effective breath treatment kit which is less expensive than the in-office treatment, yet it is highly effective at quickly eliminating chronic bad breath. Our breath treatment kit, along with other treatment items and all prices, can be found in our WEB STORE. The treatment kit contains specific home-care treatment techniques that aid in eliminating your bad breath, and specialized, medicated products that when used properly with our program, will effectively eliminate halitosis. Unlike many websites that simply sell halitosis products, we have a treatment center where we treat patients suffering from halitosis and fully understand all the causes and issues related to this problem. Because of our extensive knowledge and experience of the subject we have put together a comprehensive home treatment program that includes what we consider to be the best products and medications for the treatment of halitosis. Also provided in the home treatment program are ongoing telephone or e-mail consultations for those that need it. Rather than just sell you products the way many websites do, we want to be sure we are successful at eliminating breath condition.

From our experience in treating halitosis, we have found that bad breath or halitosis always has multiple causes to it. Because of this fact we have found it necessary to utilize a combination approach in order to successfully treat the problem. People suffering from halitosis experience an imbalance in the types of oral bacteria in their mouth and they simply have far too many gram negative anaerobic bacteria. These bacteria are responsible for producing the volatile sulfur compounds responsible for halitosis. The medicated products we use will alter the oral environment such that it will be very difficult for the halitosis producing bacteria to thrive. We do not want to completely eliminate these bacteria, or any other bacteria for that matter, because it is important to maintain a healthy oral flora. On the other hand, we do want to reduce the halitosis causing bacteria to a very insignificant level whereby they can no longer produce any bad breath. The Hydro Floss oral irrigating device we recommend will help prevent the adherence of bacteria to the surfaces in the mouth, thus drastically reducing the bacteria that causes halitosis, gum disease, and bad breath.

We do not manufacture our own products because we want to maintain our objectivity when it comes to recommending products for the treatment of halitosis. In addition, we only use products that have proven themselves to be superior to all other products based on our clinical experience with the products and though independent clinical studies. As for the types of medicated products we use in our treatment kit we do not use any oral rinses that contain traditional chlorine dioxide as the active ingredient. The reason for this is these products have not proven themselves to be very effective in eliminating halitosis conditions. Please see the section titled Products In Our Treatment for more information and background about what products we utilize in our treatment. Dr. Dailley developed his breath treatment kit from scientific research and his extensive experience in treating thousands of patients with breath maladies. He also wanted to find a more convenient and cost-effective treatment alternative for those people suffering from halitosis. All purchasers of our breath treatment kit will receive ongoing consultations with Dr. Dailley, free of charge, as long as they are using our breath kit or products. We have found this service to be invaluable in the elimination of our patients' halitosis conditions. The breath treatment kit and other products and devices can be purchased on-line in our WEB STORE, or can be ordered via telephone by calling toll free 1-888-373-7403.

Do we guarantee our treatment results? Simply put, the answer is no. Guarantees are a marketing ploy to sell more products, and we are not in the business to market more products to you. Our interest is to help treat people that need our expertise, and any ethical healthcare provider knows better than to provide treatment guarantees.

Contents of our Breath treatment starter kit

We are frequently asked how long the treatment kit lasts. The answer to that question is in two parts. One of the items in our treatment kit is a new and larger 32 oz. medicated oral rinse, which is an increase over the previous 16 oz. size. This medicated rinse will last approximately 7-9 weeks which is far longer than the average 3 - 4 weeks that the typical 16 oz. bottle of chlorine dioxide rinse lasts,Web Store: Breath Treatment Kit thus making our treatment kit very economical. Another item used is a highly concentrated medicated toothpaste that lasts about 3 ˝ to 4 months. We also utilize a device for removing bacteria from the surface of the tongue. There are numerous types of tongue cleaning devices available today, but we have found most of these to be minimally to only moderately effective. The reason is that they do not have the ability to adapt to any size, shape, or surface contour of the tongue. The device we have chosen can adapt to any type of tongue. Tongues are as variable as people are. Due to its design it also has the ability to remove bacteria from the tongue more effectively than any device we have tested. We don't include any gels, pills, drops, or sprays, in our treatment kit because we have found from experience that these offer little to no additional help and only add to the cost of treatment. Plus there is no scientific evidence that these adjuncts provide any additional help to patients. Lastly, we do like to hear feedback from patients following our program. We also have two different Comprehensive Treatment Program Kits that are available in our web store, and there are additional medications and techniques we can utilize for patients if they feel they need more help after following our treatment program.
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Our Comprehensive Breath treatment kits

In order to obtain the best possible results with our home treatment program we recommend a more comprehensive approach to your problem by using one of the comprehensive treatment kits. The comprehensive treatment kit that includes the Hydro Floss oral irrigator is intended for most people suffering from halitosis, while the comprehensive treatment kit that includes the sinus irrigator is intended for those who suffer from a lot of post nasal drip, allergies, and sinus conditions in addition to their halitosis. We do recommend the Hydro Floss oral irrigator to most patients however
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The Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator

A very effective device that we strongly recommend to patients is the Hydro Floss machine. This high-tech device combines magnetohydrodynamics with the property of an oral irrigator. The Hydro Floss actually polarizes the molecules of any solution placed within it, and is operated much like a Waterpick®. Its function and purpose is completely different than the Waterpick® however. The Hydro Floss MachineWe have patients use either plain tap water or a combination of water and our halitosis treatment rinse. The Hydro Floss actually prevents the attachment of tarter, plaque, and halitosis causing bacteria in the mouth by disrupting the mechanism by which they normally adhere. We have also found the device very beneficial to patients who have had difficulty eliminating any stubborn bad tastes in their mouths. These objectionable tastes are a common occurrence with halitosis, and at times can be very difficult to eliminate. The Hydro Floss when combined with our treatment program really makes a big difference. We have also found that the Hydro Floss machine provides an additional benefit by simplifying or decreasing the amount of preventive maintenance that may be needed following the initial treatment. Because the Hydro Floss machine decreases the oral bacteria so dramatically, many patients have found that they have needed to use less of the medicated products in preventing the return of their halitosis condition. This has resulted in a cost savings for them. Read testimonials from some of our patients who have used the Hydro Floss machine.

We strongly recommend the Hydro Floss device for anyone suffering from halitosis, acute or chronic periodontal disease, gingivitis, or anybody who has a lot of dental work in their mouth. We continue to see dramatic changes in the health of patients' gum tissues and in the halitosis levels when this device is used properly in our recommended program. One of the exceptional qualities of this machine is that most patients say they feel a difference in their mouths immediately upon using it. The Hydro Floss machine is not part of our standard breath treatment kit, but we strongly recommend its use in conjunction with our kit if one wants to achieve the optimum results.

If you want to do away with bad breath once and for all, please call us toll-free at 1-888-373-7403 and we'll be happy to answer any questions, or get you started on our breath treatment program. What have you got to lose - except your bad breath.