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Treatment at the CBT

Have you experienced any of the following?

  • You frequently have a bad taste in your mouth.
  • Your breath is interfering with your social or professional success.
  • Somebody has commented on your bad breath, or offered you mints or chewing gum.
  • You feel embarrassed by your breath.
  • You find yourself using either breath mints, mouthwashes, chewing gum, or internal breath freshener.
  • People step back from you when you are talking to them, or they avoid direct contact with you.
  • You experience a dry mouth or thick saliva on a regular basis and can't seem to improve the condition.

If you answered yes to any of the above you likely have a breath problem. The good news is that at the Center for Breath Treatment we have a highly effective treatment that has had a 99% success rate.

When we treat a patient at the CBT we look at each person as an individual with his or her own unique problems. We also recognize the effects that a chronic halitosis condition can have on a person's character or personality. Patient being tested with the Halimeter.Every patient who receives treatment at our center must complete an in depth medical and dental history for the doctor, and a detailed questionnaire about their breath problem. After completing an in-depth interview with our patients we proceed with the following: an examination, x-rays, an analysis of the patient's breath and sinus gasses followed by a thorough interview with each new patient. We then formulate a diagnosis of that person's problem, discuss all the pertinent issues with that patient, and develop a specialized treatment program. Below are some other topics associated with the treatment of halitosis.

What Can I Do For My Breath Problem if I Live Out of the San Francisco Bay Area

At the CBT we get many calls from around the world inquiring about our services. Many people make the trip to San Francisco and complete our full treatment program. This is the best way to treat a halitosis condition because you will receive a thorough diagnosis of your condition and be able to fully understand the causes of your condition and also see the before and after results because they can be quantitatively measured in our office. For those that wish to make the trip we can assist in finding lodging and transportation to our clinic. It is quite easy and we are ideally situated near many tourist attractions. Those patients that travel long distances to see us will receive treatment over a two day back-to-back set of appointments. This accelerated treatment has been used successfully in our clinic since 1996, and usually require one to two nights lodging. Once an appointment is set up we will send you directions to our office and a list of accommodations nearby. We even have arranged a discount at a local motel for our patients. There are some however, that either find the cost of travel, lodging, and the treatment itself too expensive, or they can't get the time to see us. These same people have expressed to us their frustration at not being able to treat their problem while knowing that there is a treatment readily available at our center. For those people who find themselves in this same predicament, we have an alternative program for them that does not require their actual presence in our office. The results that we have achieved have been excellent and have shown the treatment to have a predictable outcome of success. This is available through a combination of items found in our web store. Because halitosis always has a combination of causes we typically recommend a combination of items when using the home treatment program.

Please call CBT toll free at 1-888-FRESH-03 (1-888-373-7403) for an appointment or for more details about our unique alternative treatment program. Our breath treatment and other important items can also be purchased through our Online Store.

Your Visit to the CBT

At the center we take a methodical and scientific approach to treating breath problems. Using a microbiological, a dental, and medical approach to each person's problem helps us to obtain outstanding results. The cost of treatment is $570.00. This includes all appointments necessary to eliminate a halitosis condition, and any medicated products we might recommend. Most patients require two to three appointments to successfully eliminate their halitosis condition:

1st Visit

On your first visit, which takes approximately an hour, the doctor will perform a comprehensive dental and medical history followed by an extensive interview. A thorough oral examination and some dental x-rays will also be performed at this appointment. With the assistance of two state-of-the-art instruments called a HalimeterT and a PeriotempT, we will determine the source of the halitosis and the degree of its severity. Dr. Dailley conducting a diagnosisThe HalimeterT measures the volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs), which are most often responsible for the malodors of bad breath. They are produced by a specific type of gram (-) anaerobic bacteria that is often found proliferating in the mouths or sinuses of halitosis sufferers. Dr. Dailley will complete his diagnosis and place you on a program specifically designed for you to eliminate the proliferation of this bacteria and your halitosis condition. This treatment generally consists of the elimination of any chronic oral infections, instructing you on specific home-care techniques, and providing you with the appropriate pharmaceutical products to assist you in the elimination of VSCs. It is important to understand that the treatment is not the same for every patient. If Dr. Dailley finds that there are any dental or medical conditions that are components of your breath problem, he will address these immediately with you. Also, if xerostomia (dry mouth) is present, Dr. Dailley will place you on a program to try and correct that problem.

Follow-up Appointments

At these visits we will closely monitor your progress by re-evaluating you with the HalimeterT and the PeriotempT devices. Further instructions, and/or demonstrations of prescribed techniques and the possible use of additional oral aids and pharmaceutical products, will be further implemented at this time. Once your halitosis condition has been eliminated, we will instruct you, (via a specific home-care program), on how to prevent any further reoccurrence. Careful adherence to our home-care program will be important in your efforts at remaining free of halitosis. Most patients successfully complete their treatment by the end of their third appointment.

Instruments Used In Treating Breath Problems

Aside from the traditional instruments used during a dental examination, the CBT uses two state-of-the-art devices that help to diagnose a halitosis condition.Halimeter, used to measure the volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) emanating from a patient’s breath or nasal passages. They are the HalimeterT and the PeriotempT instruments. The HalimeterT is used to measure the volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) emanating from a patient's breath or nasal passages. It is an extremely sensitive device that measure VSCs in parts per billion (ppb). This device helps the doctor determine what the source of a breath problem is and the severity of that problem. This is an invaluable device in the treatment of halitosis and is also much more objective and sensitive than a human nose. The PeriotempT device determines the exact areas in the gum tissue where VSCs might be produced. It also informs the doctor about the health of a patient's gums. The instrument automatically records this information and prints it for the doctor as the doctor is performing his examination. This information is important because many of the same bacteria that cause gum disease are the same bacteria that produce VSCs in patients with breath conditions. A third device, the Hydro Floss unit, is commonly recommended to our patients. This high-tech device combines magnetohydrodynamincs with the properties of an oral irrigator. The Hydro Floss actually polarizes whatever solutions are placed within the machine. We have a combination of water and our halitosis treatment rinse that we recommend for this. The purpose of the Hydro Floss is to inhibit the attachment of plaque and the halitosis causing bacteria in the mouth. Clinical studies have actually shown a 44% greater reduction in plaque and calculus (tarter) as compared to a regular oral irrigator! Journal of Clinical Periodontology, May 1993. We strongly recommend the Hydro Floss device for anybody with acute or chronic periodontal (gum) disease, or anybody suffering from gingivitis. We have seen dramatic changes in the health of patients' gum tissue and also in the halitosis levels when used properly in our recommended program. Many patients have also found the Hydro Floss machine to be beneficial in helping them rid themselves of some of the bad tastes often associated with halitosis, and it enables them to decrease their use of the medicated products.

Products or Devices Utilized in Treating Halitosis

One device we often recommend to patients is a tongue cleaner. Frequently we see bacteria being deposited in the posterior of the tongue. Normal brushing is not effective at removing this bacteria, so we often recommend a specific types of tongue cleaner which is very effective at removing the bacteria from the tongue. Tounge Cleaner After treating thousands of patients, we have narrowed the field down to two devices that we use and dispense at our Center. Remember not all tongues have the same anatomy! What is important is to use the proper tongue cleaner in a correct manor. The particular device we use has been shown to be the most effective tongue cleaner available. We frequently see patients who have been using both a tongue cleaner and a chlorine dioxide based oral rinse without much success because nobody has ever implemented a proper program for them, or the products they are using are not very effective. This is often because of the short duration of effectiveness of the chlorine dioxide oral rinses.  We utilize a number of different medications and products in our clinic to treat halitosis and even use prescription grade medications when necessary. The indications for the use of the different medications and devices are based upon what we see during the diagnostic appointment. Sometimes we also recommend different types of devices that will effect the oral cavity, and or the sinus regions where halitosis may be coming from.