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Xerostomia is one of the most difficult oral conditions to completely eliminate. Because xerostomia is a common contributing factor to halitosis it is easy to understand why so many halitosis sufferers also have dry mouth conditions. A dry mouth and throat condition will also promote the growth of bacteria in the mouth and increase one's chances of getting tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health problems. Xerostomia or dry mouth syndrome will also inhibit the swallowing function and digestive process. After treating thousands of patients for both conditions we have found many do achieve significant improvement in their dry mouth conditions, and some even achieve a state of normal salivary flow. There are a number of patients, however, that remain unchanged. The first and simplest recommendation is for patients to consume at least eight glasses of water per day. This is the recommended daily allowance of water. Chewing sugarless gum also helps to increase salivary flow while chewing. The avoidance of smoking is also important due to the obvious health hazards, but smoking is also known to dry the oral mucosa. Despite numerous products claiming they can eliminate or significantly improve dry mouth conditions we have found only a few products that bring significant dry mouth relief. In our efforts to help those suffering from xerostomia or dry mouth and throat we are constantly investigating and testing new dry mouth relief products.

We are now utilizing a new saliva stimulating product from Europe called SalivaSure®, and it has proven itself to be of great benefit to most patients suffering from dry mouth and throat. Independent clinical studies at a major European university have supported our findings with this new product. These tablets are a very inexpensive product. Another product we use is a medicated sugarless chewing gum that contains zinc ions. This will also stimulate salivary flow while preventing bacterial growth in the mouth. Both the chewing gum and the saliva stimulating tablets can be found in our online store. There is no question that dry mouth and throat can be very difficult to eliminate entirely, but even if a patient's dry mouth syndrome remains we can still effectively treat their halitosis condition.

Because different people obtain varying benefits from different medications and products for dry mouth relief we provide more than just one type of product for the treatment of xerostomia. In addition to SalivaSure® saliva stimulating tablets we also have a product called Salese™ which is a slow dissolving soft lozenge that delivers essential oils and other beneficial ingredients to reduce bacterial levels in the mouth and fight the symptoms of dry mouth and throat. The pleasant minty taste and fresh-mouth sensation lasts for a prolonged period of time – up to several hours. Salese™ is a sustained release product that delivers active ingredients efficiently and continuously in small doses. The extended contact with the beneficial agents increases both the antibacterial benefits and the fresh mouth-feel essential to those suffering from Dry Mouth Syndrome. Salese™ is easy to use and convenient to carry. Very importantly Salese™ dissolves the biofilm that exists in the mouth, particularly on the tongue, and kills the bacteria that cause bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. Salese™ is sugar and alcohol free — less than 1 calorie — and helps maintain a healthy pH balance in the mouth.

Biofilm is a filmy layer that envelopes 80% of all bacteria and protects the bacteria from the outside environment by forming a protective layer that is very difficult to penetrate. In order to penetrate the biofilm it is necessary to have the active ingredients that are to penetrate the biofilm in contact with the biofilm for an extended period of time. The amount of time required to penetrate the biofilm is usually 30 -60 minutes, and most oral products to not lend themselves to this very well and therefore are not effective. Due to the sustained action of Salese™ it can effectively penetrate the biofilm and kill the bacteria that lie within the biofilm. Salese™ also contains Xylitol which is a potent inhibitor of bacterial growth. The key to the long lasting properties of Salese™ is the patented Sure™ Technology. The product's unique structural combination of active ingredients built upon an advanced polymer delivery system ensures continuous release of beneficial agents for treating a dry mouth and throat condition and providing a continuous fresh-mouth sensation and dry mouth relief. It is important to note that the Salese™lozenges should NOT be chewed or bitten otherwise the long lasting effect will be lost. Many patients have found the length of time for the Salese™ to melt to be as much as 3-4 hours, making it also very economical. The Salese™ product can be found in our online store.

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