Preventing Seasonal Allergies and Sinusitis

Seasonal Allergies and Sinusitis Can Be Prevented.

Nasal allergy is a very common condition.

The numbers of patients seem to be increasing, probably due to the increasing air pollution.

When the allergy is bad, any chilling can cause symptoms – drink only warm liquids and avoid ice. Here it is very important to drink hot tea before getting out of bed. This is because the spices found in teas add to the histamine already in your body which contributes to the allergy symptoms and worsens sinusitis. Instead of warming up after getting out of bed by circulation, the body coughs and sneezes as part of the warming up mechanism. With allergies, it is important to avoid getting chilled as this will bring on symptoms. The plants pollinate about 5 AM and 5PM, so it is important to sleep with the windows shut to avoid the 5 AM pollen, and to drive in the late afternoon with the car windows closed. When the allergy symptoms are severe you must avoid spicy foods – hot mustard, hot peppers, etc. This is because these spices add to the histamine already in your body which makes the allergy symptoms.

Be very careful of nose drops such as Afrin and Neosynephrine.

All nose drops can be addicting, the more you spray, the more constriction of the nose that causes a rebounding effect, and the nose becomes more congested. Before long instead of needing to use the nose drops every 12 hours you have to use the drops every 6 then every four hours, and even less! The systemic effect of all that medicine will eventually take over and the person can become nervous, jittery, and sleep can become difficult. This is called Rhinitis Medicamentosum. Once this happens, the best treatment is a short course of Prednisone combined with an antibiotic from your doctor. If you have allergies, it is better to pay someone else to clean out grandma’s attic because the symptoms brought on from the dust will be extreme.

After exposure to an allergen, such as ragweed, you should flush or cleanse your sinuses. This is similar to what you might do when you wash your hands when they get dirty. The pulsatile effects of the Hydro Pulse sinus irrigator using the saline irrigation will remove offending substances and reduce susceptibility to sinusitis.