Anna P. in Norway

I would like to thank you for your help. My problem is gone and I finally feel comfortable with myself*! Everybody said that I have got a new life after the treatment, and that I came back from the USA as a completely different person*. I feel free and confident, and I enjoy my life much more than I ever did before. Another thing is that getting rid of this problem has released a lot of time and energy to think about other things. My fantasies and ambitions are not stopped by this problem any more, so now I can plan and do things based on my abilities, and not have to work around my handicap like I used to. I believe I even have a chance now to become a better human being as I have more energy now to be more concerned about other people. I finally feel like I have a full life and my degree of happiness and quality of life are mostly dependent on whether I make the right decisions*. Thank you again for your help. You made a major difference in my life*!

*Your results may vary.

Anna P.Project ManagerTrondheim, Norway