Halitosis Patient Testimonials

Dear Dr. Dailley,

I wanted to let you know that I am very appreciative for your expertise in the treatment of my oral anaerobic bacterial imbalance where VSC production was abundant; as now it is absent*. To be honest, I didn’t think the treatment would work as I have tried most things available on planet Earth to no avail including: impeccable hygiene, many oral rinses, no drinking (beer/spirits) for more than a year, hydration, probiotics (BLISS K12, M18), antibiotics, chlorhexidine, ClO2, etc. It’s only been a couple days and I am shocked at the low level of VSC’s in my oral cavity*. To my surprise, people have stopped reacting adversely and I have noticed a change in the odor of my toothbrush, clothing, etc.

Over the years, in addition to my genetics, I have looked at my immune serological reports, which show chronically (slightly) deficient macrophage, neutrophil and eosinophil populations as well as slightly low IgG and interferon gamma levels… none of which have amounted to serious immunological disorders, but paternally genetically relevant. I assumed I would have to wait for a better understanding of the cellular role and the clinical relevance to oral floral populations, if any. I also had oral microbiological studies performed to better understand my oral flora, but no effective clinical paradigm was found to be relevant. I visited clinics, where antibiotics were prescribed and various treatments were pursued with no significant positive result.

Then, I took a chance on you after various emails. During our sessions you were straight forward and honest with your knowledge, giving me a “no-shit” assessment, as I call it. You listened to my questions and answered them completely and eloquently; specifically my questions regarding the biology/chemistry and the supporting published work that I found on PubMed. Your diagnostic as well as therapeutic methods were clear, scientific and effective.

I’m not really an overtly sensitive man but it does wear on you when family members, people you work with and your mates repeatedly ask you to brush your teeth or chew some gum or fill your Christmas stocking with oral hygiene products. From a young age my mother along with her friends used to make fun of my father regarding his severe halitosis (he also has a large tongue with deep fissures and papillae) before she cheated on him and left him (all the while telling me his breath was unbearable, classy, huh). It really frustrated and to a certain degree, angered me over the past 25 years as to why both I couldn’t fix my own halitosis problem by just applying impeccable oral hygiene and why people judged me as lazy/irresponsible or as an antisocial person because they thought my personal hygiene regime was deficient. Eventually, I became just that; somewhat antisocial and a skoch angry. You know the adage, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness,” well, I heard this quite often within my profession and took it to heart.

It has been a very short time since my last visit now, but I find myself excitedly inquisitive as to what I am going to do next. For a long time I have felt a small disadvantage in life as the cards I were dealt were not optimal, genetically speaking (not trying to sound like a victim, but verbal communication and hygiene in the scientific professional world or most professional worlds is a big deal… think if you went to a dentist and he or she had chronic halitosis… your confidence in him or her would be severely reduced and you would ask yourself, “They should know better?!”) Surely, others have it worse and I’ve always tried to remember I could be so much worse off, but now I feel… there are no excuses psychologically or physically to find my full potential and it feels great. I certainly am no slouch, as I have 4 degrees, a successful career, multiple homes and am financially secure… but this treatment has opened up my world in a different way. It has removed the stigma of severe halitosis*. My new reality is sinking in thanks to you Dr. Dailley. Much appreciated, Sir.

*Your results may vary.

Michael J.

Dear Dr. Dailley:

There are really no words to adequately express the gratitude I feel–your diagnosis and treatment plan has changed my life*. I have rediscovered self-confidence and assuredness in social situations that I had thought was lost forever.

My first eye-opening revelation that things were truly different came on the train ride home. Amtrak uses “community seating” in the dining car, which means that people are paired with perfect strangers in booths that can best be described as “close quarters”. At lunch one day, I was seated next to an infamous “close talker”, the kind of person who, before my visit to your clinic, would have had me using all of the standard tricks one uses when not confident about his or her breath–talking down or away from the person (making it hard to maintain eye contact), chewing gum, leaning halfway out of the booth and into the aisle to protect my personal space, etc, etc. But this time, as she talked, I was amazed by how relaxed I was. I didn’t pull away from her, I didn’t need to resort to any of my old defense mechanisms–instead, I stayed right where I was and carried on a normal conversation with confidence. It’s funny how much more engaged you feel when you’re able to fully concentrate on what the other person is saying rather than worrying about whether or not they’re repelled by your breath*! 🙂

My personal space bubble–at one time the approximate length of a football field–has now shrunk to where I feel comfortable in any situation, and I have you to thank for that*. You are truly gifted in your chosen field of excellence, and I have never personally witnessed such a high level of skill by any other medical professional*. If you ever need me to write a testimonial, please don’t hesitate to ask. In the meantime, I will plan on checking in with an appointment each year, just to make sure the numbers continue to stay right where they are.

*Your results may vary.

JamesCoralville, IA

Dear Dr. Dailley:

It is with great appreciation that I write to you.
You have changed my son’s future for the better*.

I am absolutely thrilled with the results that we have achieved using your system of oral care*. Your assessment of Michael’s problem was thorough, the products you gave him are working great, and the results are amazing*.

Last night at our family bible study, about 9PM, I had Michael breathe in my face.
Normally that would be a very risky proposition. He had already eaten dinner and there was salsa involved. By 9PM his breath would have been most disagreeable. But I was amazed!!
When he breathed in my face, his breath was 100% neutral, no order, rather almost a sweetness. He is only 19 years old and I know this will change the course of his life*.

Your are definitely in my son’s “Top 5” people he admires.
You changed his life and for that I thank you whole heartedly*.

Thanks Again!

*Your results may vary.

Steven HallardAtlanta, GA

Dear Dr. Dailley:

I want to thank you for seeing me to discuss and treat my breath issues and for your professional expertise. Your thorough knowledge of halitosis, its causes, and how to effectively treat it is something that I have been researching (unsuccessfully, I might add) for many years. After trying many other products and treatments, unfortunately, with no positive results, I eventually had given up on ever finding an effective solution.

I then came across your website and it proved informative. However, since the Center for Breath Treatment was located in California, a far distance from Texas, I wasn’t sure if it would be worth the trip to learn more about how the Center could help my specific condition. After much consideration, I decided it was worth a try. So I called your office and spoke with Teri. She was very pleasant, informative and helpful. Then meeting with you to learn more about this subject matter and treatments proved invaluable. You immediately made me feel at ease. As you went through the process and explanations, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there was a solution to halitosis. As you can imagine, with so much misinformation (and unethical people) out there, quite honestly, I did not know what to expect. One dentist actually told me that there was no solution for halitosis and that I would just have to learn to live with it! Anyway, upon learning of your extensive research and clinical studies, I was so glad to hear that there are effective treatments for breath issues*. Not only that, but that there was a specific treatment for my specific condition.

Upon leaving your office after my first appointment I revisited your website to refresh my memory of the information provided during the appointment. I was now ready to begin the first treatment. As I went through the step-by-step process, I immediately noticed a dramatic improvement. The sour, bitter, taste that I had long grown accustomed to was gone, my mouth no longer felt dry and my mouth and breath actually felt fresh and clean*! In addition, the next morning I woke up without the usual bitter taste in my mouth and without the white film on the tongue*. (btw, this has not happened in a very long time). Lastly, having actual positive quantitative results with the second breath measurement readings was the final confirmation that the specific prescribed treatment for my condition was a total success*.

Needless to say, I am very pleased with the results. I never thought it was possible to have sustainable fresh breath throughout the day and everyday! Again, many thanks for your professional expertise and help. You truly have given me my social life back*!

*Your results may vary.

Susan R.Austin, TX

Since the age of 19 I’ve struggled with an early onset of periodontal disease. Bad breath is a part of the disease and believe me I’ve tried everything under the sun. I brushed my teeth 6 times a day, I flossed, tongue my scraped, tried peppermint oil, chewing on parsley, Breath Assure capsules, expensive Breath Rx kits, Oxyfresh kits, strong mints, gums, and I even stopped eating meat, but to no avail.

I came across Dr. Dailley’s web site and it was the most convincing*. I talked with Dr. Dailley personally and decided to fly to San Francisco. The trip was a little expensive but well worth it. San Francisco is a beautiful city and Dr. Dailley is a very pleasant person and I felt very comfortable. The treatment was a complete success and it has changed my life forever*. I had even stopped dating prior to my treatment. Now I’ve re-gained my self-confidence and my self-esteem*. I am really happy again. If you suffer from halitosis stop wasting time and go see Dr. Dailley and get your life back*! I can now talk directly in a person’s face with 100% breath confidence.

Thank You Dr. Dailley, you changed my life*.

*Your results may vary.

Angie MartinezChicago, IL