The Emotional Consequences of Halitosis

Halitosis is a serious medical condition with devastating consequences. It can negatively affect your career, your personal relationships, your intimate relationships, and your self-esteem. Every patient we’ve treated at the Center for Breath Treatment has been adversely emotionally affected by the way it makes them feel about themselves and the way it damages their relationships…

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Is Your Tongue the Source of Your Bad Breath?

There are numerous factors that can cause bad breath. Many of them are related to serious health issues such as gum disease, liver disease, diabetes, yeast infections, or cancer. Persistent halitosis can also be caused by bacteria on your tongue that can build up when your tongue isn’t cleaned regularly. Our team at the Center…

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The Relationship Between Bad Breath and Gum Disease

Bacteria Causes Halitosis and Gum Disease A leading source of halitosis is odor-causing bacteria. The same types of anaerobic bacteria that are responsible for halitosis also cause gum disease. Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a serious infection which threatens the health of your smile. If your teeth are sensitive to the touch…

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Update: How to Approach a Friend with Bad Breath

Halitosis simply means “the state or condition of having bad breath.” This is a serious medical issue which affects over 90 million Americans. If someone you care about suffers from halitosis, it’s important to tell them. This unfortunate condition isn’t merely a source of embarrassment–it can also be a sign of serious underlying medical conditions….

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Senior Citizens and Bad Breath

Bad breath isn’t something that most people like to talk about.  But it’s a serious issue that afflicts millions of Americans over 65, and it doesn’t go away on its own.   Dr. Anthony Dailley–The Halitosis Doctor Fortunately, Dr. Anthony Dailley, the Halitosis Doctor, has built a practice which specializes in treating the root causes…

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How Halitosis Effects Dating

Halitosis is a Treatable Condition Halitosis is a treatable condition.  Anyone who struggles with halitosis should immediately contact Dr. Anthony Dailley at the Center for Breath Treatment in Berkeley, California where we specialize in the latest and most advanced remedies for chronic bad breath. A “Deal Breaker” Bad breath can really put a damper on…

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