Bad Breath Treatment in Berkeley, CA

We have treated more than 17,000 patients since 1996 with a 99% success rate*!

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Have you experienced any of the following?

  • Your chronic bad breath is interfering with your social or professional success.
  • You frequently have a bad taste in your mouth.
  • People step back from you when you are talking to them, or they avoid direct contact with you.
  • Somebody has commented on your bad breath, or offered you mints or chewing gum.
  • You experience a white or yellow film on your tongue.

If you answered yes to any of these, there is a good chance you have a chronic bad breath problem and you may be seeking a way to cure your halitosis condition. The good news is that the Center for Breath Treatment has been successfully treating halitosis since 1996.

We have treated more than 16,000 patients since 1996 with a 99% success rate*!

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Halitosis Treatment & Products

Dr. Anthony Dailley has a degree in Cell & Molecular Biology from San Francisco State University of California and graduated with honors from The University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in 1981. At the Center for Breath Treatment, Dr. Dailley has been helping patients with dry mouth and chronic bad breath find viable solutions for over 25 years.

For those that are unable to come to our center, we do offer comprehensive home treatment programs to assist them in eliminating their bad breath. All our bad breath remedies and home treatment kits have proven track records of successfully treating bad breath.

We intentionally do not produce or manufacture any of the products or medications we use in our treatments as this would be professionally unethical and deemed a conflict of interest. We only use and recommend products, medications, and treatment methods that have been proven effective based on sound independent clinical studies.

*Your results may vary.

About 9PM, I had Michael breathe in my face… his breath was 100% neutral, no odor, rather almost a sweetness. He is only 19 years old and I know this will change the course of his life.
Steven HallardAtlanta, GA