Halitosis is a serious medical condition with devastating consequences. It can negatively affect your career, your personal relationships, your intimate relationships, and your self-esteem. Every patient we’ve treated at the Center for Breath Treatment has been adversely emotionally affected by the way it makes them feel about themselves and the way it damages their relationships with others.

Living with the Constant Fear of Rejection

People who have never suffered with halitosis have no idea how painful it can be. Rejection and the fear of rejection are a constant part of their lives. Whenever someone with halitosis encounters rejection, they never know if it’s related to their bad breath. If they don’t get a promotion they were expecting, if their boyfriend breaks up with them, if they don’t get invited to an office party — they can never be sure if it’s related to their halitosis or not.

Halitosis makes romantic intimacy extremely difficult and often painful. Meeting someone new who expresses interest in you should be one of life’s greatest feelings. Unfortunately, people with halitosis are often apprehensive when someone flirts with them. That’s because they’re terrified that their bad breath will be discovered and they’ll be rejected again.

In addition to feeling reluctant about starting new relationships, people with halitosis are also burdened with a great deal of guilt. They often feel like it’s their own fault if their partner mistreats them, breaks up with them, or even cheats on them.

Rejection in the Workplace

The workplace is another setting where people with halitosis feel the daily sting of fear and rejection. It’s humiliating when coworkers avoid you or stand back and rub their noses when you speak. If you hear people in the office whispering, you assume they’re talking about your breath. Even when people are trying to be considerate, they can hurt your feelings by offering you breath mints or telling you about some new breath treatment. It’s as if they think you’re totally unaware of a problem that’s been haunting you for years.

Isolation Breeds Depression

Many people with bad breath become depressed and avoid other people as much as possible. They can even become like hermits who only go out in public when it’s absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, this just intensifies their feelings of anger, helplessness, and depression. Halitosis doesn’t merely damage a person’s self-esteem — it can ruin your life.

Treatment for Halitosis in Berkeley

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