The Social Consequences of Bad Breath

People with chronic bad breath suffer from all sorts fears and anxiety that’s related to their halitosis. Sadly, whenever someone with halitosis feels like they’ve been snubbed by another person, they have a lingering fear that they are being rejected because of their breath.

It’s common for people with bad breath to become hypersensitive in social situations. For example, if someone with bad breath starts talking to another person and that person suddenly says they have to leave, the person with bad breath will never know if they are being rejected because of their halitosis.

It could be that the other person really did have to go somewhere. Or maybe that person was in a bad mood or they had a lot on their mind and they just didn’t feel like talking to anyone. Unfortunately, people who suffer from halitosis can never be sure when their breath is causing people to shun them. This causes feelings of guilt and frustration among people who live with chronic bad breath.

Bad Breath and Today’s Workplace

Bad breath can wreak havoc on your social life. But it can also impair your relationships with coworkers, and this could eventually have a negative impact on your career and future job prospects.

The structure of today’s workplace presents additional obstacles for employees who suffer from halitosis. In the past, employees were often expected to work independently. But in order to survive in the global economy, companies are constantly redefining and reexamining their goals and procedures. For this reason, employees and companies in today’s economy need to be flexible and able to work closely with a diverse group of coworkers.

Today’s workplace is extremely team-oriented. People are constantly being asked to take on new tasks and responsibilities that often involve working in close contact with different groups of people. This includes being in proximity with both coworkers inside your company and also with your company’s clients.

How Halitosis Can Affect Your Career

Having bad breath can dramatically damage your prospects for career advancement. In fact, according to a survey conducted by the BBC in the United Kingdom, “nearly half the population (45%) believes that people with bad breath are less likely to be promoted at work.”

When conducted a review of the “top personal attributes employers say would make them less likely to extend a promotion,” 34% of respondents listed bad breath. That was the second highest response. Only body piercings received a higher ranking, with 37% of respondents saying it would make them less likely to offer an employee a promotion.

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