Products To Treat Halitosis

We don’t recommend using products that claim to kill all of the oral bacteria. Instead, we use products and medications that will alter the oral environment in order for the halitosis-causing bacteria to be dramatically reduced and the halitosis condition to be eliminated in a very short period of time. By treating the problem in this manner, we return the levels of oral bacteria to normal and healthy levels.

Halitosis products we recommend include:

  • Chlorine dioxide
  • Mouth Rinse
  • Hydro Floss

We don’t recommend using bactericidal products, because they kill not only the bad bacteria but the good bacteria as well. This can result in the potential for serious oral problems. Some products being recommended by others claim to kill bacteria, and for numerous reasons, we have found these to be unsafe and lacking effectiveness.

Why Are These Products Effective?

Because we’ve found bad breath or halitosis to always have multiple causes, we’ve found that it’s important to use a combination of different things to effectively treat the problem. Besides the medicated products we have on our web site, we also recommend the Hydro Floss oral irrigator and the special sulcus tips. This will help reduce bacterial levels in the oral cavity by almost 50% by preventing the adherence of bacteria to the oral structures. This device is also very effective in the prevention and treatment of gum or periodontal disease. There is extensive information about the Hydro Floss machine on our web site if you wish to read more about it.

If you experience a lot of post nasal drainage or mucous drainage on the back of your throat, this is likely a contributing factor to your halitosis condition and should be reduced. The best way we have found to reduce this drainage and also improve any allergy conditions is to use the sinus irrigator and the Breath-Ease XL saline powder. This device will flush the allergens and pollutants from the sinuses that are usually the source of the drainage, and reduce the post nasal drainage and build up of mucous on the tongue. All of this is done without introducing medications into your body such as the corticosteroids nasal sprays that are so commonly used today.

Another device we recommend as part of our treatment is the Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Series 8. We’ve found the Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Series 8 to be the most effective type of toothbrush for removing bacteria from the surface of the tongue because of its ultrasonic technology. This technology has the ability to dislodge the halitosis-causing bacteria that typically remain deep within the taste buds themselves. In fact, the sonic action of the Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Series 8 will dislodge bacteria up to 3mm in advance of the actual physical bristles themselves.

This same technology is used to clean medical and dental instruments prior to the sterilization process. Over the years in our clinic we have found that close to 90% of the patients suffering from halitosis have had longer than average taste buds. This means they are trapping a lot of bacteria, debris, and mucous deep within the taste buds of the tongue. It is very important that one effectively remove these substances from the crevices of the tongue in order to resolve their bad breath condition. By using the Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Series 8 on the tongue one can dislodge the halitosis causing bacteria much more effectively, and it is for this reason we highly recommend the Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Series 8 to all patients, especially for those suffering from halitosis or bad breath.

Why We’re Not Brand Biased

At the Center For Breath Treatment we utilize many different products in the treatment of halitosis, and none are manufactured by our center. because once we start producing our own products If we were to manufacture our own products, our objectivity as a healthcare provider would be lost. Not producing our own products or medications allows us to avoid any potential conflict of interest when it comes to recommending the best halitosis products and treatment modalities to our patients.

Since we aren’t tied to any single line of products, we have the flexibility to make changes as new products or medications for the treatment of bad breath problems are developed. We also have the ability to choose the best products from each of the many of breath treatment product options, and integrate them into effective treatment programs. We want our patients to feel comfortable knowing we are recommending what is truly best for them. We believe that’s our responsibility as a healthcare provider.

There are many companies and individuals who are producing their own products, therefore they’re only recommending their own product line. Most of these products haven’t undergone independent clinical studies to prove their effectiveness. Many don’t contain the actual active ingredients claimed, or the active ingredient is present in extremely low concentrations which prevents the product from being very effective.


We make it a point to always use products that have undergone independent clinical testing and also test them ourselves. We have the ability to modify our recommendations as better medications and devices are developed for the treatment of halitosis. Since 1996, when we began treating halitosis in our clinic, we’ve changed the products and medications used in the treatment of bad breath conditions multiple times due to new advances and developments in the field of bad breath treatment.


Being one of the founders of a successful biotech company, I have access to excellent laboratories and scientists where we can conduct our studies and test new and existing products. Virtually every product available for the treatment of bad breath has been tested by us, so we know what works and what doesn’t. The products we’re presently using have proven to be far superior in every way to anything we’ve used or tested in the past, and these have been implemented into our treatment programs. They’re much faster acting and reduce halitosis odors and bacteria three times faster than anything we have used or tested before.

Using the Right Ingredients Makes a Difference

When treating patients in our clinic office we use a number of different types of medications and products to treat their halitosis conditions.

There are a number of different chlorine dioxide based oral rinses available today, but most aren’t very effective in treating halitosis. They either contain sodium chlorite, or the concentration of chlorine dioxide is so low that it makes for a weak product. Sodium chlorite is a mild oxidizing agent that doesn’t eliminate the halitosis-causing bacteria nearly as well as the DioxiCare® products.

We’ve used various chlorine dioxide based products in the past with little satisfaction. The reason for this dissatisfaction is because it’s extremely difficult to produce sufficient concentrations of chlorine dioxide in a mouth rinse or toothpaste due to its chemical nature and because it is a gas. The Dioxirinse™ has more than three times the active ingredient level of chlorine dioxide than any previous products. Since chlorine dioxide gas or bubbles are produced when the solutions are mixed, the active ingredient can reach areas in the oral environment much more effectively than a liquid product can.

*Your results may vary.

Products and Devices for Halitosis Treatment