Angie Martinez in Chicago

Since the age of 19 I’ve struggled with an early onset of periodontal disease. Bad breath is a part of the disease and believe me I’ve tried everything under the sun. I brushed my teeth 6 times a day, I flossed, tongue my scraped, tried peppermint oil, chewing on parsley, Breath Assure capsules, expensive Breath Rx kits, Oxyfresh kits, strong mints, gums, and I even stopped eating meat, but to no avail.

I came across Dr. Dailley’s web site and it was the most convincing*. I talked with Dr. Dailley personally and decided to fly to San Francisco. The trip was a little expensive but well worth it. San Francisco is a beautiful city and Dr. Dailley is a very pleasant person and I felt very comfortable. The treatment was a complete success and it has changed my life forever*. I had even stopped dating prior to my treatment. Now I’ve re-gained my self-confidence and my self-esteem*. I am really happy again. If you suffer from halitosis stop wasting time and go see Dr. Dailley and get your life back*! I can now talk directly in a person’s face with 100% breath confidence.

Thank You Dr. Dailley, you changed my life*.

*Your results may vary.

Angie MartinezChicago, IL