I am a 40 year old woman from South Africa. Thank you so much for assisting me to overcome my bad breath problem*. I have heard bad breath for as long as I can remember. I had developed an anti-social behavior because you can?t always be surprising people with your breath. The main problem was that it was interfering with my professional life and therefore my entire life. I could not talk freely in meetings because I was so sensitive. I came across your website in December 2010 and wrote to you by email. When I went to wire the money at Western Union I was told that it’s a scam. I came back and wrote to you and you indicated what I should do to prove that you are a real doctor in the USA. I did that and was able to prove that indeed your practice exists and that you are a doctor. I sent the money and within 10 days I had received the products and instructions. I started using the products and I am amazed at the results*. I can now talk freely close to people. The products are not expensive (except the shipping costs) and they work like a bomb*. My breath had gone beyond repair but I am amazed at how fresh it is now. I have even asked people and they confirm that there is nothing wrong with my breath. I pray that a shop gets opened in South Africa. I will tell others about these amazing cure. God has used you to save my life*.

Thank you so much

*Your results may vary.

MariannaSouth Africa