Steven Hallard in Atlanta

Dear Dr. Dailley:

It is with great appreciation that I write to you.
You have changed my son’s future for the better*.

I am absolutely thrilled with the results that we have achieved using your system of oral care*. Your assessment of Michael’s problem was thorough, the products you gave him are working great, and the results are amazing*.

Last night at our family bible study, about 9PM, I had Michael breathe in my face.
Normally that would be a very risky proposition. He had already eaten dinner and there was salsa involved. By 9PM his breath would have been most disagreeable. But I was amazed!!
When he breathed in my face, his breath was 100% neutral, no order, rather almost a sweetness. He is only 19 years old and I know this will change the course of his life*.

Your are definitely in my son’s “Top 5” people he admires.
You changed his life and for that I thank you whole heartedly*.

Thanks Again!

*Your results may vary.

Steven HallardAtlanta, GA