Halitosis Patient Testimonials

I bought mouthwash in 2 gallon containers because I would use it like crazy. I was desperate to try anything. When I came home from seeing Dr. Dailley my wife was so surprised. She said “What kind of chemical are you using?” Now I’ll just bring up the subject (halitosis), if we’re at a lunch with someone, and I’ll tell them about my experience with Dr. Dailley. It has made me so happy*… I just want other people to be as happy too.

*Your results may vary.

Paul HsiaPalo Alto, CA

After unsuccessfully undergoing thousands of dollars in medical procedures (which included upper and lower G.I. series, looking into my lungs and stomach with a camera while under general anesthesia, CAT scans of my body, and even seeking help from my dentist), I sought the services of Dr. Dailley at the Center for Breath Treatment. Until seeing Dr. Dailley no one had been able to determine what was causing my breath problem. Within 2 visits my problem was gone*. It was incredible, and I had just about given up hope on fixing my problem. I only wish I had seen Dr. Dailley in the very beginning.

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E.G.San Francisco, CA

I am a quadriplegic, and I have suffered from severe Halitosis since my teenage years. Indeed, during those years I consindered my Halitosis a more painful problem than my quardiplegia because Halitosis made me withdraw. Your treatment, Dr. Dailley, is the only one that really works*!!! I delayed two months to send you this letter because I wanted to make sure that your treatment lasts!!! I am grateful forever!

*Your results may vary.

M. Melijeff

Dear Dr. Dailley,

Thank you for recommending the Hydro Floss to me. Although I was a bit skeptical at first I have found it has made an immediate difference to my oral health*. I could feel the difference immediately, and have never felt such a fresh, clean feeling in my mouth*. The bad taste I used to have is now gone. I no longer seem to accumulate plaque andtartarr anymore, and my dentist has even commented on the big improvements in my gums*. I also have found that the addition of this machine to your breath treatment program has made a huge difference, and has further elevated my self-confidence. It’s hard to imagine that just a couple of minutes a day with this device could make such a difference*!

*Your results may vary.

M. JacksonMarin County, CA

Your overall package to help eliminate bad breath is great*! I am really glad you added the Hydro Floss. The Hydro Floss always finds particles to clean away, even after I have used regular floss, brushed, and rinsed. My mouth truly feels fresher when I add the Hydro Floss to your regular treatment procedure. It has made a difference in my life*. Again, thank you.

*Your results may vary.

Kam KammererWalnut Creek, CA