Is Your Bad Breath Effecting Your Career? Are You Not  Advancing In Your Career?

Bad breath or halitosis can be extremely embarrassing and even debilitating for some. We all have been in a situation when we are close to someone and have noticed a pungent odor coming from their breath. It can be strong enough that you have to take a step back, but we never said anything. We are too embarrassed for this person, and the situation turns into an awkward situation. You may have experienced this problem yourself, and it can have wide reaching effects on your ability to advance in your job. Over the years we have had many of my patients confide in me that they used to be out going, a get the job done type of person who sets their sights high and would have no trouble achieving their goals. With chronic halitosis they have become isolated and stagnant. There is fear of communication with coworkers and  groups situations and office  presentations are unbearable and holds them back. Many of our patients confided that they have missed out on promotions within their companies and were unable to advance themselves. This was  all do to their chronic halitosis condition. It can cause you to become self-conscious when it comes to interacting with people and clearly insecure. Socializing and networking are two important aspects of most careers, and this can come to a grinding halt with a bad breath problem. Well the good news is there is a solution and you can find the help you need to jump start your career and your social life right here with Dr. Dailley at the Center for Breath Treatment.

How can I tell if I have bad breath?

Unfortunately there is no simple test that is effective you can do yourself to test for breath odors. There are many misconceptions about ways to check breath odors. Licking of your hand is the biggest misconception. You must get outside feedback- Ask some one if your breath has any odors and have them describe the odors.

What Could be Causing my Bad Breath

The causes of your bad breath are due to over abundance of oral bacteria. Each individual has at least 3-5 issues that are causing those levels to be high. Examples of a few are:


  • Longer taste bud or geographic tongue


  • Sinus Drainage or Post-Nasal Drainage

A proliferation of volatile sulfur compounds that are produced by halitosis causing bacteria produce.The higher the the concentration of these anaerobic bacteria the more more sulfur compounds and the stronger the odor.

So how do I go about treating my bad breath?

Treating your bad breath is not as easy as brushing and flossing your teeth or using over-the-counter mouth rinses. Most the patients we see with this problem have immaculate oral hygiene so brushing more frequently is not the answer. You have to physically alter that oral environment so that those bacteria can not survive at a level which will produce a malodor.

You need an expert in the field to know what is causing your problem and treat those causes once they are understood. At the Center for Breath Treatment  you get an accurate diagnosis followed by an effective comprehensive treatment approach. This is the only way to effectively treat your halitosis condition without guess work.  Dr. Dailley can then devise your treatment program specific to your needs and achieve the results that you have waited so long for… Halitosis free breath. No more dreading going to work. No more constant worrying every time your in a public situation about your breath.

About the author: Dr. Anthony Dailley is a practicing general dentist in Berkeley California. He has been practicing since 1981 and graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in Cell & Molecular Biology, and obtained his dental degree from the Pacific School of Dentistry. Dr. Dailley also holds a fellowship position with the International Congress of Oral Implantologist (ICOI). Dr. Dailley has also been a founder in a biotech company called NovaBay Pharmaceuticals and was a member of their board of directors from 1997 -2014.