All You Need to Know About DioxiCare

What is the DioxiCare® System?

The DioxiCare® System includes a medicated oral rinse and toothpaste, designed to deactivate halitosis-causing bacteria and neutralize the volatile sulfur compounds that are responsible for bad breath.

The DioxiCare® System uses a proprietary method of generating chlorine dioxide for small-scale application. The gas is captured in a liquid or gel at specific concentrations, and the activated product becomes immediately available for use. The DioxiCare 2-part system enables the user to produce the active ingredient on demand and at an acidity that is suitable for use on the body. Other chlorine dioxide systems require lower, more irritating acidity levels, and long reaction times to achieve usable concentrations.

The DioxiCare System produces a chlorous acid/chlorine dioxide complex, which increases its efficacy. A unique feature of the DioxiRinse™ medicated oral rinse is the strength of the product can actually be adjusted by the user, which we haven’t seen before. The tests we’ve conducted on the DioxiRinse™ and the DioxiBrite™ toothpaste have shown these products to be the fastest acting products we’ve ever tested. They also reduce the bacteria and halitosis odors three times more effectively than anything we have used before.

Independent clinical studies have been performed on the DioxiCare® products at the following institutions:

  • University of NY at Farmingdale
  • School of Dental Medicine Stony Brook, NY
  • Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, TX
  • Westbury Diagnostics Farmingdale, NY
  • National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases at University of Alabama
  • Collaborative Microbiology Labs Stony Brook, NY

The Key Ingredient in DioxiCare

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2), the key ingredient in DioxiCare system, is a gas with strong oxidizing properties. An “oxidizing agent” removes electrons from reactive molecules. During this process, ClO2 quickly neutralizes and eliminates odors. ClO2 acts to rapidly break the cell wall of halitosis causing bacteria.

Stabilized chlorine dioxide is a misleading term that is unfortunately in widespread use. There are only trace amounts of chlorine dioxide in “stabilized chlorine dioxide” products, and the correct description is “stabilized chlorite.” The chlorite is stabilized with a buffer and peroxide at a pH of about 7. In order to generate a meaningful level of chlorine dioxide in a stabilized chlorite product, either chlorine or a strong acid must be added.

Even though chlorite, or stabilized chlorite, is an oxidizing agent, it isn’t nearly as powerful as chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide, unlike chlorite, is a gas that must be generated at the time of application by mixing 2 separate parts. With the DioxiCare® System, the term “active” chlorine dioxide is used to distinguish between the two systems.


DioxiRinse™ is a two-part system that creates a blend of several oxidants including activated chlorine dioxide. This combination deactivates the halitosis-causing bacteria and neutralizes the volatile sulfur compounds which are what one smells when someone has a bad breath condition. It also deactivates many viruses and fungi, including yeast.

Many products claim to have various forms of chlorine dioxide as their active ingredient but when analyzed, these products turn out to either have very small levels of this important ingredient or they don’t have chlorine dioxide as their active ingredient at all. We have used many different products over the years for the treatment of halitosis and are continuously testing new and existing products in our attempt to find the best products available for our patients. The active chlorine dioxide in DioxiRinse™ has the highest concentrations of active chlorine dioxide of any product and is the most effective product we have tested to date.

When the two-part system is combined, DioxiRinse™ will release active chlorine dioxide along with other oxidants, and the solution will penetrate and pervade the mouth with an invigorating vigor. During the process, active chlorine dioxide, which is a gas, and other active ingredients will penetrate below the gum line, deep within the taste buds of the tongue, and other hard to get places where the anaerobic bacteria that cause halitosis typically reside. Unlike most products intended for the treatment of halitosis, the DioxiRinse™ doesn’t impair the taste in your mouth.


Like the DioxiRinse™ medicated oral rinse, the DioxiBrite™ toothpaste is a two-part system that has a dual action purpose. It deactivates the halitosis-causing bacteria and neutralizes the volatile sulfur compounds, which are what one smells when they smell a bad breath condition. The active chlorine dioxide will react with the polysaccharide outer coating that bacteria produce in order for them to attach to the surfaces in the mouth and prevent the attachment of bacteria to the oral surfaces.

Unlike most products intended for the treatment of halitosis, the DioxiRinse™ and DioxiBrite™ don’t impair the taste in your mouth.

Most toothpastes contact only the surface of the teeth, but DioxiBrite™ is different. The active chlorine dioxide gas that’s produced permeates the hard to reach areas in the mouth and penetrates the biofilm that deposits after someone brushes their teeth. Biofilm is a matrix that bacteria reside in, and it’s impervious to most medications. The active chlorine dioxide helps break up this matrix which allows the active chlorine dioxide gas to reach the halitosis-causing bacteria to deactivate it.

DioxiBrite™ leaves the teeth clean and smooth and your breath fresh*. It’s also helpful for sensitive or inflamed gums.

*Your results may vary.

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