What’s the Connection Between the Tongue and Bad Breath?

Tongues come in many shapes, textures, and sizes, and variations in these different aspects of the tongue can increase one’s chance of having chronic halitosis. Unlike the oral mucosa that lines the inside of the mouth, the top surface, or dorsum, of the tongue is covered by approximately 10,000 miniature taste buds. These taste buds…

Breath treatment kit with variety of liquids

Breath Treatment Starter Kit – Product Review

The New Breath Treatment Starter Kit from the Center for Breath Treatment offers a collection of the best dental products in the market. Since the Center for Bad Breath doesn’t rely on one brand alone, it guarantees only the best products each brand has to offer. It includes DioxiRinse mouthwash, DioxiBrite toothpaste and Dentiva lozenges….

Woman brushing her teeth with two toothbrushes

Halitophobia, Average Malodor & Clinical Halitosis

Every year, clients come to the Center for Breath Treatment and explain the frustration and embarrassment they have been suffering from due to their bad breath. They claim to have tried everything under the sun, and yet nothing will cure their bad breath. In some cases, I inch a bit closer, only to discover there…