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History of Bad Breath Treatment

Humans have been battling bad breath for thousands of years, and the many advances in this field have benefited those with both temporary and chronic halitosis. While technology has evolved, the basic concepts of bad breath treatment have remained similar in some ways. The following looks at the history of bad breath treatment up to…

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Chronic Halitosis VS Bad Breath

Halitosis literally means bad breath, but the term is often used to describe a chronic problem. Bad breath is experienced by almost everybody at some point. Eating pungent foods, using poor dental hygiene and other habits can cause bad breath. However, certain conditions can cause foul breath to linger for weeks, months or even years….

Breath Gemz Product Review

BreathGemz are new breath fresheners that give longer-lasting results than regular breath mints. Intensive research performed by scientists at BreathGemz has resulted in the creation of a breath freshener that attacks bad breath not only from inside the mouth but also from the stomach. Since BreathGemz are all natural, consumers can feel confident about their…

Link between Halitosis and Sinus Infection

 At the The Center For Breath Treatment we see many patients with many different causes to their halitosis condition. One of the top culprits of halitosis, or bad breath, is issues relating to sinuses. Sinus infections and sinusitis is caused by the excess mucus that develops from the infection. The mucus may cause an unpleasant odor…

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Breath Treatment Starter Kit – Product Review

The New Breath Treatment Starter Kit from the Center for Breath Treatment offers a collection of the best dental products in the market. Since the Center for Bad Breath doesn’t rely on one brand alone, it guarantees only the best products each brand has to offer. It includes DioxiRinse mouthwash, DioxiBrite toothpaste and Dentiva lozenges….

Best Ways to Fight Bad Breath

Bad breath, also called halitosis, is a rampant problem in this country. In fact, it has been estimated that as many as 90 million Americans suffer from bad breath chronically. Furthermore, according to surveys, Americans spend about $33 million annually on mints, gum, mouthwashes, toothpastes and bad breath products, which fail to remedy the problem…